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Farm #319 Two House Breeder Farm

Inside The Farm House The Farm House
Miniature Chicken The Farm House Front View
The Farm House Side View The Farm House Inside View
Engine Machine
Machine Inside the Farm House Old Machine
House Mini Farm House
Old Style Kitchen Farm
Far View of the Farm Land

Farm #319 Two House Breeder Farm

This two house chicken breeder farm is currently contracted with Tyson (Hope, Arkansas Complex).  It consists of two 40’ x 520’ breeder (egg) houses.  One is steel truss construction (1999) and one is wood truss construction (2001).  

Total chicken capacity is approximately 20,600.  These chicken breeder houses were updated (over $100,000) in 2022 & 2023.  These updates include: New Cumberland nests in one house, LED lighting both houses, new cool cell pads for both houses and a new rooster feeder.  Both chicken breeder houses have Cumberland nest, as well as Cumberland feeders and drinkers.  Both houses have Rotem Platinum Plus controllers.

 Two wells provide water along with rural water back-up.  An incinerator is used for chicken disposal and a Perkins generator provides an emergency power supply.

 The average income on this breeder farm has been approximately $160,000 per year.  Yearly insurance is $10,225.

 This breeder farm has a 3 bedroom, 2 bath double wide mobile home, two carports and a covered outdoor kitchen. It also has a large shop with a concrete floor and electricity.

 The property is 51 +/- acres of mostly pasture and two ponds.
FOR INTERNET SEARCHES, the address is:

325 Hempstead 227 North

Hope, Arkansas 71901

Equipment Added              Farm #318 Six House Turkey Farm               Equipment Added

White Door White Door Brown Dirt
White Door Side White Door Side Blue Sky
White Door Angle Metal Tower
Four White Doors Dirt Road
Grass Field Tree Line Grass
Farm Equipment Shed With Rocks
Equipment Interior Fuse Box

Farm House

Farm House Front
yellow truck greetruck
truck truck
tank red  tractor
green digger yellow farm equipment
truck white truck

Farm #318 Six House Turkey Farm

If you've been looking for an ABSOLUTELY TOP NOTCH POULTRY FARM.....HERE IT IS!!! This newer turkey farm is possibly the cleanest, best maintained farm anywhere. These six wood truss/drop ceiling houses were all constructed in 2018 and are 55' x 500' each. They are tunnel vented and are equipped with Cumberland & Big Dutchman feeders, Ziggity & Plasson drinkers and Chortronic controllers. This farm has an Ecodrum and two incinerators for bird disposal. It operates off natural gas and city water. The houses are heated with radiant heat and have 20,000 gallons of extra water storage. There is a very nice 30' x 50' shop/storage building, as well as two stacker sheds (50' x 100' & 40' x 90').

This nice farm operates under a Butterball contract and normally raises the light hens. These are raised approximately 84 days (12 weeks) with a total capacity of approximately 96,000 birds per flock and averaging 3 1/2 flocks per year.

The seller just added all the equipment one would need to run this TOP OF THE LINE farm:

2018 CAT Skidsteer 259D

2017 John Deere Tractor 5075E

2017 KMC 4260D Poultry House Cleaner

2017 KMC 4400 Poultry House Washer

4240 John Deere Front End Loader

Woods Cadet MD184 Shredder

Kubota B6001 Tractor with Tiller

1989 Ford Dump Truck

1996 Chevy 6500 Kodiak Litter Spreader.

The farm has a clean/neat 14' x 60' (2008) mobile home, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, with 4 separate carports and a separate laundry/mud room. There is another mobile home site (with hookups) on the property, as well.

The 52 acres is 80% open pasture land (nice). Property taxes are approximately $10,000 per year. Insurance was $13,752. The average gross income has been approximately $500,000 per year. Exclusive Right To Sell Listing...no co-brokerage.


Price Reduced              Farm #317 Six House Broiler Farm             Price Reduced

Farm Land with Barn Six Broiler Farm Gray Barn.
Broiler Farm With Side Road Broiler Farm 316 Barn With Clouds
Side View of Barn Barn With Feed Bin
Generator Under Cover Taylor Generator Covered
Controller Unit on Wall Water Storage Tanks
Dark Empty Barn Field With a Pond
House Front House Side

Tractor Added                                  Farm #317 Six House Broiler Farm                                  Tractor Added

This updated broiler farm is located near the Arkansas/Oklahoma border, close to Haworth, OK. It has six broiler houses, 3 of which are 43' x 500', and of wood truss/drop ceiling construction. Two broiler houses were built in 2011 and one in 2005. The other three broiler houses are 40' x 500' and steel truss construction. Two broiler houses were built in 1995 and one in 1988.

The feed systems are Choretime and Roxel brands. The drinkers are Lubing. Chortronics and Intelligo controllers are used. Radiant tube heat is used in all houses. Two auto-start generators are available as a backup energy supply. This farm operates on propane and rural water as the water source, along with 10,000-gallon water storage capacity (two 5,000-gallon tanks). There is an approximately 40' x 80' stacker shed that utilizes excess litter and bird disposal.

This broiler farm is updated to current requirements and has a Pilgrim's Pride contract (DeQueen, AR complex) that raises a target chicken weight of 6.75 lbs, with a target 51 days per flock, with an excellent middle pay of 6.98 cents per pound and an average 5 1/2 flocks per year.

Extra farm equipment includes a 2011 Kubota M6040 4-wheel drive tractor, litter saver, litter blade, chain harrow, and a 3-point Lewis Brothers blower.

There is an approximate 1700 sq ft modest wood frame farm home (4 bedrooms/3 bath) that has new carpet and linoleum, with central heat and air conditioning. The are approximately 40 acres (to be determined by a new survey) that are mostly open with one pond.

This farm recently transferred to Pilgrim's Pride, so there is no past history. However, an average grower's income would be approximately $373,500 per year.

Farm #316 Six House Turkey Farm

Farm #316 Etnrance Farm #316 CH1
Farm #316 Ch2 Farm #316 CH3
Farm #316 Shop 1 Farm #316 Water Storage
Farm #316 Shop Inside Farm #316 Shop 2
Farm #316 Controller Farm #316 Office
Farm #316 Generator Farm #316 Incinerater
Farm #316 Washer Farm #316 Deutz
Farm #316 Kelly Farm #316 Kubota

Farm #316 Six House Turkey Farm

  • Six Turkey Houses 
  • (2) 40 x 470 (4) 40 x 450
  • Steel Truss Construction
  • Radiant Tube Heat/Quad Brooders
  • Two Auto-Start Generators
  • One Incinerator
  • Rural Water
  • 10,000-Gallon Water Storage
  • Natural Gas
  • Well Used as Backup
  • Deutz Ag Co 65 4WD Tractor
  • Kubota B6200 4WD Tractor w/Tiller
  • Kelly KMC De-Caker
  • KMC 4400 Washer
  • 40 x 50 Shop w/ Lean To
  • On-Site Office 
  • App 14 Acres (To Be Surveyed) 
  • Paved Highway Frontage
  • Located in West Central Arkansas

Farm #314 Seven House Turkey Farm

Newer Seven House Turkey Farm Newer Seven House Turkey Farm
Newer Seven House Turkey Farm Newer Seven House Turkey Farm
Newer Seven House Turkey Farm Newer Seven House Turkey Farm
Newer Seven House Turkey Farm Newer Seven House Turkey Farm
Newer Seven House Turkey Farm Electric Box
Newer Seven House Turkey Farm Newer Seven House Turkey Farm
Newer Seven House Turkey Farm Newer Seven House Turkey Farm
Newer Seven House Turkey Farm Newer Seven House Turkey Farm
Newer Seven House Turkey Farm Newer Seven House Turkey Farm
Newer Seven House Turkey Farm Newer Seven House Turkey Farm

Farm #314 Seven House Turkey Farm

  • Seven Turkey Houses
  • Current Butterball Contract
  • All-in, All-out Houses
  • 2 (50x350) 2(50x450) 3(54x500)
  • Constructed in 2015/2016
  • Exterior Control Rooms

  •  All Wood Truss/Drop Ceilings
  • All Tunnel Vent
  • Quad Radiant Heaters
  • Choretime Feeders
  • Choretime Nipple Drinkers
  • 40 Stage Chortronics Controllers
  • Back-up Monitoring System
  • Automatic Attic Vents
  • Automatic Eave Vents
  • Large Capacity Incinerator
  • Two Auto-Start Generators (100 &125)
  • Five 5,000 Water Storage Tanks
  • Rural Water
  • Rustic 1 bdrm,1ba Home
  • New Central Heat/Air Unit
  • Metal Roof
  • 37 acres open pasture
  • One pond
  • Located in Western Arkansas